Town History
 In the year 1724, twelve English settlers from Fairfield, CT came to the area to purchase land from the Native American Schaghticoke tribe who inhabited it.
The twelve men were named Captain Nathan Gold, Gideon Allin, Samuel Wolfson, Jonathan Edwards, Samuel Jennings, John Barlow, Captain John Wakeman, Ebenezer Burr, Jonathan Sturges, Moses Dimon, Joseph Wakeman, and Thomas Edwards. They negotiated with the local sachem, Chief Squantz, of the Schaghticoke tribe who lived by the pond that still bears his name. The pond is now located in the Connecticut State park known as Squantz Pond.
Returning in the spring of 1725 with documents to seal the purchase, the men found that Chief Squantz had died during the winter. His four remaining sons and heirs refused to honor the deal. It would be four more years of negotiations before the deed to purchase the land was signed on April 24th, 1729. The purchase price was 65 pounds sterling for 31,000 acres. A copy of the original deed may be seen in New Fairfield Town Hall.
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