New Fairfield Historical Society - 
 The New Fairfield Historical Society was founded in 1969 with eight charter members: Martha Fairchild, Daniel Gerow, Marion Gerow, Gertrude Johnston, Isabelle Johnston, Harriet Osborne, Marguerite Raacke, and Ruth Ruffles. The purpose of the organization was “to discover, obtain and preserve any worthwhile articles and papers pertinent to the history of New Fairfield, and to extend the benefits thereof to the public.” In 1970 the Historical Society was given the West Centre School House aka “ The Little Red Schoolhouse” to restore and use as a museum for educational purposes and to benefit the public. Programs are run at the Little Red School House throughout the year by the New Fairfield Historical Society.
 The New Fairfield Historical Society Room is located in the lower level of The New Fairfield Free Public Library. This is where the Society keeps it's archival material as well as New Fairfield artifacts and memorabilia that has been collected over the past 50 years

West Centre School - the journey from school to historic site.
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1850s - 1910 -
Used as a school

1930 - 1960 -
Carpentry Shop for boys
1970 - Acquisition by the New Fairfield Historical Society - 
1970 - Renovation
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