New Fairfield Historical Society
Celebrating 50 Years! 1969-2019
West Centre School
 The New Fairfield Historical Society is honored to maintain the West Centre School aka "The Little Red Schoolhouse" as a Living History Museum in New Fairfield, CT. Since 1970 the one-room schoolhouse has been open for educational purposes and to benefit the public.
West Centre School was one of seven one-room schoolhouses built in New Fairfield. Estimates suggest that West Centre School was built in the early 1850s as the building appears on a 1852 map of New Fairfield. The building is constructed entirely of wood and situated on a stone and mortar foundation. The school was heated by a single wood stove with either coal or wood. Lamps were used to light the school until electricity became available. When the town built Consolidated School in 1941, all the one-room schools were decommissioned. The West Centre School was then used as a carpentry shop for boys. The other six one-room schoolhouses were turned into residences.
When: Sunday August 8, 2021 1:00-3:00 PM, please bring a lawn chair. In the event of inclement weather the program will change. 
Where: Little Red Schoolhouse at the corner of Route 39 and Margerie Dr. in New Fairfield, CT.

Why: To be an active participant in history and support New Fairfield’s Historical Society. Donation of your choice is greatly appreciated, to help fund future programs like this.

Join us as the following historical re-enactors bring the past to life again:

● Erik and Eliza of Early American Music and Arts. Erik will portray a member of the Hearts of Oak militia. Members of this New York militia included students at King's College and, most famously, Alexander Hamilton. Visit

● Robert Buccheri: A social studies teacher at Carmel High School, Robert has been teaching American history for 28 years and is a re-enactor for several time periods in American history.

● Bill Hagan: Representing the 15th Regiment of Foot Lights: Life of a British Soldier in America. Equipment a typical soldier would have on campaigning and myths about the British Soldier in the American Revolution.

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